Introducing the #MyPositive Campaign

This past fall, a friend and classmate of mine came to me with the seedling idea for a new social media campaign that she envisioned. These were the first days of the project I would like to introduce to all of you today; the #My Positive Campaign.

Now I know you might be saying what does that mean? Well, I will turn that right back on you. That is what this campaign is all about, you. But for a bit of background, I have asked Makenna Jansen, the brains behind the #MyPositive Campaign, to guest-write a Blog Post to introduce the subject.

The #MyPositivity campaign is a statement designed to showcase to the world life and body positivity messages. The campaign was created to allow everyone to share the positives within themselves and their lives. We have seen an increase in body positivity messages in the last couple of years, but #MyPositivity is different from the others because it focuses in on personal happiness and positive thoughts, actions, and feelings without no emphasis on comparisons.

When we look at Meghan Trainor’s song “All About That Bass” we see that while she is trying to promote a self-love message for women who the fashion world would consider “plus-sized,” by emphasizing “it’s all about that bass”, with the line about “no treble” she is effectively thin-shaming other women. This fat-shaming/thin-shaming battle is one of the things that the #MyPositive campaign hopes to dispel because in reality, everyone has a different body shape and there is no one right or wrong body type. Every person is unique. They have things that make them happy and things that make them who they are.

#MyPositivity works to provide everyone, regardless of age, shape, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, etc…, the opportunity to truly show the world who you are and what you love. We hope that, by sharing the things you love about your life and your self and by sharing positive photos and messages about yourself, we will see people’s personal happiness and self-love levels increase. There is so much wonderfulness that exists in the world, it would be truly a shame if we didn’t all get to partake in each other’s little bit of sunshine and light. So please, go out, take pictures, write poems, and share your images and messages wherever you wish, with the #MyPositive or #MyPositiveCampaign tags. It can be anything. If cooking is your passion, or you love to take pictures, or running is life to you; whatever it is, know that it makes you who you are and we want to see it. Every single human on this planet has a bit of awesome in them that makes them unique and that the world deserves to see whatever that may be.

And remember: don’t compare yourself to others and wish you were different, because if you were any less than who you are now, the world wouldn’t get to share and revel in the pure perfection that makes you, you!

  • Makenna