Mackenzie Leggitt

Mackenzie Leggitt
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I had shot with Mackenzie once before, but this time I had a brand new camera & I was itching to try it out. We had a lot of the shoot planned, but it was so much fun to shoot that we just decided to keep going. That is where this story begins.

We had been shooting for hours, but we didn’t feel like stopping. Plus there was one more outfit in the backseat & one more place we had wanted to shoot at, so why stop now? So we drove back through Uptown Butte, past Walkerville & continued until we were almost at Moulton Reservoir. On the drive up we were wracking our brains for ideas on how we were going to pull off this next part of the session. How were we going to connect that dress with these surroundings? We were no closer to an answer when we found a good place to stop. So we got out of the car & continued up the road aways, & started shooting. Within five minutes we had both hit our stride. Before another five minutes had passed, we knew what we were doing. We were telling a story. Now all we had to figure out was where this story was leading us.

Even after we concluded that part of the shoot, we continued to debate as to the specifics of the story we had just captured. We boiled it down to this: The young woman in the shots was on her way to a date with her man at nice restaraunt, when all of the sudden… her car broke down. Thankfully she had her phone on her (as all good Generation Z people do) & she was able to call her boyfriend for help.

Admittedly, this story isn’t the next Harry Potter,┬ábut hey, what is?
So tell me, do you see the same story we did, or do you believe something else happened here? Leave a Comment below & let me know!

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~ John