J. Sander, or John Christensen, as he is known to the outside world started photography when he was very young, taking photos of anything he could, with as many disposable cameras as he could get his little hands on. After going through something like twenty over the course of a 3-day music festival, when he was about 14, his parents bought him his first digital camera.

But it was not until nearly 5 years later that John came to do photography on anything close to a professional level. After working for the school paper for a year, he was asked to do a Senior Portrait shoot for an out-going member of staff, and it all took off from there.

Since May of 2015, John has won multiple awards for his news photography, worked on multiple projects with fellow artists, while also shooting everything from event photography, to concert photography, to many different kinds of model photography. He knows there is so much more out there, and is hungry for any opportunity to learn or experience something new.

“Photography has always been a passion of mine, and getting to share that passion with others is a true blessing.”

John recently graduated from Linfield College, with a B.A in Sociology, and is currently looking forward to moving to Anchorage, Alaska in the fall.

John can be reached at john@jsanderphotography.com.