April Showers Bring May Features

Some days the world just shines its face upon you.

This month I had the pleasure to be the Featured Artist on The People & Nature Connection Blog. It was an out of the blue thing for me. Months and months ago I was contacted by Kristen Walker, Founder of The People & Nature Connection, who asked me to be their Featured Artist of the Month of May, as she had found my work on Instagram and liked what I was doing. I was honored, to say the least, and it gave me time to reflect on what it really was that I was doing and why I was doing it (more on that in my February Blog Post entitled, ‘My Hidden Motto‘).

Later in the month, I was congratulated by one of my professors on having one of my photos “grace the back cover of the Linfield College Magazine”. This one came as even more of a surprise. I had completely forgotten that I had sent in some of the photos I had taken over the winter, to Linfield’s Social Media Director, let alone that he had said he was going to send them to the Linfield Magazine.

But this post is not really to toot my own horn. It is more of a way to say thank you, again, to everyone who supports my work, and welcome to those who are seeing my work anew because of these Features.

  • John of J. Sander Photography


P.S. As school is now out, and since I have been so absent in recent months, I will be gearing up to update the Blog and the Gallery Pages more often! Stay Tuned!


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