My Hidden Motto

In recent months, people have asked me why I’m a photographer, and I always tell the story of how I have been in love with taking photos and capturing memories from a young age. Today I found the words I have been looking for in the mouth of another:
“When you take a picture of someone, it’s permanent. And you have captured the truth of them in that moment, and that, you can keep forever.” – Jimmy Olsen, Supergirl S1: Ep7

This is the truth of why I do what I do. Some people tell me they would love to work with me but they are just not pretty enough to be a model. That is where they’re wrong. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. It is my goal to capture that. Whatever makes a person who they are, that is what I wish to bring out. That is the truth of them I wish to capture in my work.

So whatever it is that makes you who you are, hold fast to it. Everyone is unique. Everyone is beautiful. Everyone is broken. Whether you’re the prom queen or you think you’re just another face in the crowd; know that everyone goes through struggles. Everyone thinks they could be better than they already are. But the happiest you can be is in knowing that no matter if you think you are perfect or not, you are still beautifully, uniquely you; and no one else can say that. So, do your best to be unequivocally you. Work to make yourself the best you can be, but never lose sight of the fact that you are special and beautiful in your own way, no matter what.

As the weather begins to grow clearer and the Earth itself reveals its beauty, know that I would love to hear from you. I would love to work with you. For availability and pricing, email me at or Private Message me through any of my social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter). I cannot wait to hear from you and begin to learn the truth of about who you are, and the beauty that you possess.

As for this Post’s musical companion, let me introduce Molly Kate Kestner. You may remember her from a few years ago when her original song His Daughter went viral on YouTube. Since then she has released a few other singles including this one, titled Prom Queen. This is the song, along with the quote from Supergirl, inspired me to write this Blog Post today. Enjoy!

Molly Kate Kestner – Prom Queen [Official Video]