October Update

Hey there friends and fans,

Don’t worry! I’m not dead. I’m still here, but oh am I busy! School started at the end of August and since then I just haven’t had time for much else. But, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been shooting.

This year I am again a staff photographer for the Linfield Review. So, though I am not doing much in the model photography realm at the moment, I am still working as hard as ever at my craft. Most of my work at the moment is concert photography, and though it comes with its own new set of difficulties, that is part of the fun of it!

A bit about each of these bands:

Zach & Bridget are not only a band, but also a couple! They’re from LA and their music is a beautiful mix. Bridget’s beautiful gypsy voice compliments Zach’s rich baritone roots vocals. Their instrumentation twists around their voices and amazing lyrics (seriously, spend time with them). The finished product is a beautiful folk-influenced sound that is just entrancing. While they have other instruments with them on their albums, they prove time and time again that live, all they need is each other, working off of each other’s sound to create something magical. I recommend listening to their song ‘Blood Red Skies‘ if you want to hear more of what I’m talking about.

The Brightside is a reggae/rock group from Venice Beach, California and they bring the love of SoCal with them wherever they go. Runnin’ is a great example of this. The subtlety of this band’s sound is amazing. Yes, they can rock your socks off, but somehow they give off the exact same perfect, happy vibes whether they’re rocking your socks off or just giving you music to sway to.

Last, but ABSOLUTELY not least, we have We Three, from right here in McMinnville. We Three consists of three of the most talented sibling musicians you can find. But they’re not only amazing instrumentalists, they are also amazing song-writers. Fairy Tale is a great example of this. Not only is the instrumentation amazingly tight, but the harmonies are incredible and the lyrics are absolutely beautiful. Again I recommend spending some time with those lyrics.

Linfield brings some amazing music to campus and it is my absolute joy to capture the views of the music, if not always capturing the sound. I hope to keep you all more updated with what other amazing music comes here that you should be listening to.

I also have some cool new things in the works to get me through the fall & I cannot wait to see what else comes my way. As always, thank you for all the love and support you all give me, and if you want to get in touch about any photography needs, whether it is event photography or model photography, please email me at john@jsanderphotography.com!